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Lunes, 25.3.2019

Professor/associate professor in Painting at Bergen National Academy of the Arts

Por admin | 12.2.2012

Bergen National Academy of the Arts (short in Norwegian: KHiB) is a central arena for education and development in the fields of art and design. The institution cultivates new expressions in art and design, promotes a high degree of competence in selected fields and contributes to innovation and professional development. KHiB has 300 students and around 100 staff members.

Professor 100 % in Painting

Bergen National Academy of the Arts is one of two national institutions vested with a special responsibility for higher education in the field of Art and Design in Norway.

Bergen National Academy of the Arts shall

  • Provide an education of the highest standard in the fields of art and design
  • Encourage and pursue artistic development and research
  • Disperse information on the Academy and its work
  • Work with national and local authorities, civil society, business and industry, take an active part in national debates on the role of art and design in contemporary society, and the society of tomorrow
  • Provide or organise further training

Bergen National Academy of the Arts will from autumn 2012 be divided academically into two departments:

  • Department of Design
  • Department of Fine Art

The Departments form the basis of distinct academic identities, which at the same time are sufficiently flexible to respond to the challenges confronting arts and design education from a changing cultural and social environment.

Studies are organised as a three-year Bachelor’s Programme and a two-year Master’s Programme. Both programmes are designed with a view to allowing and encouraging cross-disciplinary work, and offer students – in consultation with their main supervisor – an opportunity to develop their studies to suit their own particular needs and interests and make best use of the Academy’s collective academic resources.

Bergen National Academy of the Arts prioritises artistic research and development. The Academy is particularly concerned to encourage discussions on art and design among the Academy’s staff and students and with society at large.

Bergen National Academy of the Arts operates The National Norwegian Artistic Research Programme and has fellows affiliated to the programme. For more information on the different Departments and artistic work, visit

The Department of Fine Art

The area that corresponds internationally with Fine Art/Contemporary Art is characterised by a wide spectrum of artistic forms of expression, open conversations and critical discussions. The relationship between theory and practice, development of an adequate conceptual apparatus and balance between production and reflection, takes a central position in all contemporary Fine Art education. As a result the academic staff consists of professors and teachers who are themselves active participants in contemporary art arenas, and this is considered to be a prerequisite of a thriving educational environment within the Department. The developmental work and research carried out by the academic staff therefore occupies a central position.

The Department has about 130 student places at the Bachelor’s and Master’s level, in addition to research fellowships. The Department provides opportunities for in-depth study and specialisation – and students have the possibility to develop their own artistic practice in many different ways. The link between individual work, understanding of theoretical issues, critical reflection and technical knowledge are strengths and considered to be a precondition for high levels of artistic production in the context of contemporary art. The creation of the independent work of art occupies a central place at the same time as theoretical knowledge and insight contribute to students’ understanding and analysis of artistic approaches.

The Department is led by the Dean who together with the staff are responsible for the academic studies and programmes.

The position of professor

KHiB has a vacancy for a professor (100 %) in painting for a fixed term of six years. Fixed-term appointments are drawn up in compliance with the Norwegian Ministry’s provisions on these matters. Tenure will begin 1. August 2012.

We are searching for a Professor with extensive experience in the field of painting with ambitions to expand and test the limits of what artistic practice can be, with an interest in, and a critically inquisitive mind towards, other forms of artistic expression and possible linkages between them. Applicants should have extensive practical experience, a strongly contextualised practice and a theoretical understanding of the artistic field including its historical, esthetic, social and political development and context. Further, applicants should have a strong focus upon and be working with artistic research and development and demonstrate an ability to reflect critically upon artistic processes that can also be integral to teaching practices. Painting is an integrated aspect of the Department’s curriculum. The successful applicant will be expected to supervise students at both Bachelor’s, Master’s and fellowship levels and will also be expected to provide tutorial guidance to students working within other media.

The duties of a professor include teaching, supervision, responsibility for teaching schedules, initiation of student projects, development work and research in the subject area, dissemination, organising and adapting these tasks, along with possible management and administrative tasks. In organisational and preparatory work, and in daily tasks, it is important to approach and use the department’s and institution’s overall resources in a flexible manner. As a member of the academic staff, the successful applicant will share responsibility for the daily management of the subject area and take active part in discussions concerning the subject area/department’s identity and programmes. Development of the subject area is expected to progress in consultation with departmental colleagues and students and in collaboration with other subject areas/departments at the Academy.

A portion of the working hours of academic staff at the Bergen National Academy of the Arts is set aside for Research and Development work and for this reason considerable resources are made available for this aspect of the post. The successful applicant will therefore have a special responsibility for artistic development work within their subject area. Initiating collaboration and contact with educational and other relevant partners is another important task. The successful candidate will be expected to contribute constructively to discussions at the Academy, to promote the Academy externally, among other things by establishing professional networks locally, nationally and internationally


For the position applicants will need to demonstrate

Ability to work constructively with others, with an emphasis on dialogue and inclusive academic communication
Ability to reflect over attitudes to and visions in relation to artistic development work
An ability and interest in teaching

In addition to this there will be an emphasis on

An ability to approach the subject area from a wider social and theoretical vantage point
Views on higher education in the field of art and design
Proven organisational skills and experience

For the post of professor, applicants must demonstrate

A robust, comprehensive knowledge and skills of the highest international standard
Achievements of a high international standard in the subject area
Proven relevant pedagogical education or documented experience of teaching and supervision

Application criteria

Applicants must describe their qualifications in relation to the requirements for the position (see the section about requirements for the position), including a description of their intentions and goals for the fixed term of employment. It is important that applicants clarify their standpoint in relation to the subject area and describe their views on the subject area’s fields of interest and possibilities.

Applications must be submitted via our online recruitment tool. (If you send the application by email to an individual, it will not be considered.)

Documentation of artistic/design work and projects must be submitted in four copies in the mail together with the form Documentational material, in which the format requirements are stipulated.

The applicant’s competence will be assessed solely on the basis of the documentation material that is available on expiry of the application deadline.

Expert assessment

Academic competence will be assessed by an appointments committee. Assessments are conducted in compliance with Norwegian regulations for such assessments. Applicants will be invited to an interview with an internal interview panel and to present themselves for faculty and students.

Terms of pay and work etc.

Salary follows the State Sector Pay Scale, which for a professorship is scale no. 67–77 (currently NOK 548 000 – 638 000 NOK).

Appointment procedures are practised subject to the provisions in force for civil servants. Appointees shall observe such rules and regulations as apply to the position, including organisational and administrative placement, regulations on working time and duties of teaching staff at institutions of higher education, and guidelines adopted by the Academy for this purpose. Should an appointee not speak a Scandinavian language, the Academy requires said appointee to attend Norwegian-language courses during the first year of tenure.

The balance between teaching and artistic Research and Development duties is regulated for each position separately. This specifically includes a requirement to be physically present on the premises of the Academy. The division of working hours is specified by the annual individual work plan, prepared in consultation with the faculty member and Dean. The Dean is responsible for coordinating all the study programmes offered by the Department.

The composition of the public sector staff shall reflect by and large the composition of the general population. Personnel policy is therefore designed to achieve balance in terms of age and sex, and recruit persons from ethnic minorities. Persons from ethnic minorities are therefore encouraged to apply for the position.

In compliance with section 25 of the Freedom of Information Act, applicants must be aware that information they provide may be made public even when those applicants have asked for their names to be removed from the list of applicants. Should the situation arise, applicants will be notified in advance. No applicants will be made public without being informed in advance of the impending public announcement.

The Academy offers an interesting and demanding job in a highly active environment, professional challenges and excellent working conditions.

Application deadline:

Cecilia Gelin Telephone: +47 55587420 Mobile: +47 95202809

Home page: