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Jueves, 5.12.2019

Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016. Open call for curator / Deadline: October 17th

Por Redacción | 9.9.2014

> Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016

Application Deadline: October 17th 2014.
Required Materials: clearly articulated curatorial proposal; detailed curriculum vitae; selective portfolio of relevant work; two letters of recommendation
(see below for further details).
Salary: 100 000 € (including Taxes)

To answer the call, please download the full announcement HERE

The press release can be read and downloaded HERE
Oslo Architecture Triennale (OAT) seeks a Chief Curator or Curator Team for its sixth international triennial to be held in Oslo, Norway in the autumn of 2016. The Curator will have primary academic and artistic responsibility for OAT 2016, including the development of its conceptual and thematic framework, research and programming, exhibitions and events. Proposals in English, from individuals or collectives of any nationality and country of residence are openly invited.
The Oslo Architecture Triennale is the main international architecture festival in the Nordic region. Through various events and media, including exhibitions, conferences, competitions and publications, OAT is a platform for the debate and dissemination of architecture and urban challenges, targeting both the public and professionals.
As a triennial event, OAT has the opportunity to develop a content of high quality over a course of three years. OAT therefore aims to not only display, but also explore and investigate issues of architecture and urban development through alternative and interdisciplinary architectural projects and practices. OAT will publish a catalogue for the triennial, along with a book afterwards that examines and dissects the outcome in detail, thus providing a comprehensive overview and understanding beyond the event itself.
Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016
OAT 2016 aims to look at the future.
After the decline of utopian thinking there is a need to raise a discussion on possible futures. This emphasis should be understood as an open framework for conceptualising an OAT program that contemplates the challenges of tomorrow and discusses potential and alternative futures.
OAT wishes to encourage a discussion of the future of architecture, and the future relevance of the discipline of architecture, contextualised in an international/European setting, as opposed to a more territorial specific Nordic/Norwegian approach. The theme should open up for an analysis of the effects of future technologies and possible future policies.
To ensure a broad involvement, the curatorial proposal needs to describe a plan for engaging other disciplines and the inhabitants of Oslo.
Established by an opening and closing event, the core components of OAT 2016 will include a main exhibition, a project within a public space in Oslo and a main international conference. In addition, other associated activities and extended programs will be developed by program partners, and in agreement with the Curator and the executive team.
The Curator will lead the research work prior to the triennial and develop an international competition, or parallel assignment in 2015. The competition should ask for exhibition or program content for OAT 2016 that contributes to commenting on or challenging the concept chosen by the Curator. The winning proposal or assigned projects will be further developed in collaboration with the Curator and included in the OAT 2016 program.
Organisation and Framework
OAT is a non-profit association, consisting of six member institutions that make up the Board of Directors: The National Association of Norwegian Architects (NAL), Oslo Architect Association (OAF), The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), The Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture, Oslo Business Region, and The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design.
The Municipality of Oslo and the Norwegian Ministry of Culture provide the main funding for OAT. The triennial is additionally financed through membership fees, grants from funds and private sponsorships. Program partners provide their own project budgets.
OAT’s executive team and project administration is organised by The Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture and consists of a Director, a Project Manager, a Program Coordinator, a Communication Manager and a Financial Manager (some of these in part-time positions). The executive team will be responsible for project management, administration and communication and will assist the Curator in program coordination and local relations. Program partners will be responsible for the production of their contributions to the extended program.
The Curator is expected to coordinate and work within the established budget, give active support in fundraising and sponsorship activities, international relations, collaborations, and networking, media and public relation strategies. As Curator, you will report to the Director and Board of Directors and work closely with the executive team. You will further work in cooperation with local curators at the member institutions and with associated partners.
The main venue for OAT 2016 will be DogA – the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture. Additional venues for the extended program will be the National Museum of Architecture, the Oslo School of Design and Architecture, (partly with their own co-curatorial teams) and other locations found in collaboration with OAT member institutions, the municipality of Oslo and program partners.
Originally established in 2000, OAT has developed into the most significant arena and meeting place for discussions on architecture and urban development in the Nordic region.
OAT 2013 was highly acclaimed, and had a record number of national and international visitors, press and reviews. Over 60 000 people visited one, or more of OAT 2013’s 115 different programs and events (exhibitions, conferences, workshops, excursions, seminars, educational program, movies and parties). The programs evolved around the internationally acclaimed main exhibition Behind the Green Door, curated by the Belgium collective Rotor, and co-curated productions such as the exhibition Far-Out Voices at the National Museum – Architecture. The production budget for the main exhibition in 2013 was approximately 350 000 €.
OAT 2013 collaborated with 37 national and international partners for the triennial program, and press from over 50 countries wrote over 140 articles covering the two-month long event. See for more information about OAT 2013
Previous editions of Oslo Architecture Triennale:
2000 Urban Lifeforms
2003 Visions for the Capital
2007 The Culture of Risk
2010 Man Made
2013 Behind the Green Door

Submission Requirments
Applications must be sent by October 17th 2014 to: Only digital applications will be accepted.
The application for the Curator position must consist of:
1. A conceptual and thematic curatorial proposal (maximum 2 000 words) for OAT 2016 including:

A proposal for one main exhibition, one main international conference, one public space project, one competition/parallel assignment and two publications.

A profile of associated projects/extended program

A work schedule, including a research period prior to the triennial

A limited number of significant conceptual illustrations
2. A detailed Curriculum Vitae
3. A representative selection of up to 10 references/accomplished projects (maximum 8 pages).
4. Two letters of recommendation including contact details of professionals or academics familiar with your work
Applications should be written in English and submitted, by attachment, in a single PDF file of maximum 8MB.
Selection Criteria
OAT expects prospective candidates to have:

A precise and relevant curatorial proposal

Documented experience in curating and producing exhibitions and events

A proven track record in the architectural and/or cultural sector, along with experience in working at the intersections of architecture, art, science, technology and media

Relevant education, as well as having knowledge of the current discourses within the discipline

The capacity to meet schedules and demands, and deliver the chosen concept to the presentation stage

A proven track record in project and budget management

Experience in writing, editing and publishing

Collaborative, networking and fundraising skills
Terms and Conditions
The Call for Curator is open to individuals as well as collectives of any nationality and country of residence.
The successful applicant shall stay partially or temporarily in Oslo, as required by the project’s development.
The contract starts in January 2015 and ends with the closing event of OAT 2016 in December 2016.
In case of non-Norwegian residency, a valid Formular RFI – 21 (Certificate of Tax Residence) is necessary.
The working languages of OAT are Norwegian and English.
OAT reserves the right not to select any applicant if the candidates do not meet the expected and required profiles and skills.
The agreement between the successful candidate(s) and OAT will be effective only after closing and signing all legal terms, conditions and contracts. If the contract for any reason cannot be closed and signed, OAT will reopen the negotiations with other shortlisted candidates.
General Information

No fees or expenses will be paid for the submission phase

The receipt of proposals will be acknowledged by email

A jury will short list and interview a maximum of three candidates and choose the Chief Curator or Curator Team

The names of the jury members will be published on the OAT website

Interviews with the jury will take place in Oslo between November 24th and November 28th 2014

Travel and accommodation arrangements for the invited short-listed candidates will be coordinated and paid for by OAT

OAT will be unable to give feedback on proposals that have not been short-listed by the jury

Documents sent as further references to OAT will not be accepted as part of the application.
Schedule- Open Call For Curator
Launch Open Call for Curator September 1st 2014
Application Deadline October 17th 2014
Notification of shortlisted candidates November 14th 2014
Interviews in Oslo with shortlisted candidates November 24th – 28th 2014
Jury decision December 1st 2014
Contract negotiation December 2014
Announcement of Curator January 2015
If you require further information or have any questions, please contact:
Hanna Charlotta Petersson,