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Sábado, 11.7.2020

22 – 23.10.2011
Occupy Museums !

Por Redacción | 23.10.2011

Sábado 22 y domingo 23 de octubre de 2011

EXTRA FIAC ! How to Spend a Million Dollars at Paris’s Art Fair / Quatrième jour de grève pour le Musée d’Orsay / Warhol foundation shuts its authentication board

Fairs: Dublin / Lyon / Kobe /  Paris / Madrid / Bogotá / Toronto / Cologne / Munich / Roma /  Buenos Aires
Expos: Pissarro / Glenn Ligon / Berlinde De Bruyckere / Amy Nelder / Shirazeh Houshiary / Zhang Huan / Chinese Art in an Age of Revolution / New Contemporary Art of India / Mondes inventés, Mondes habités / Enrique Martinez Celaya / Design With the Other 90 Percent / María Antolini – Toia Bonino – Sonia Neuburger / On the March
Mercado: Le marché de l’art contemporain 2010-2011. Artprice annual report / Bonhams’s sale of European Paintings (26 Oct)
Videos: Roman Ondák, Deutsche Bank’s Artist of the Year 2012 / Ed Hall Banner Man
Slideshows:  Met Renovated Galleries / Cézanne. Les atéliers du Midi / Picasso nel Palazzo Blu / Miro, Monet, Matisse – The Nahmad Collection / Warhol / Richard Misrach / Green Designs
>Occupy Museums to protest at art exhibits in New York
>Occupy Wall Street Joins Art Handlers’ Protest at Sotheby’s + Demystifying #OccupyWallStreet’s Arts and Culture Meetings
>Occupy Wall Street Movement Declares War on NYC Museums as “Temples of Cultural Elitism”
>Occupy the Museums…Or, Simply Don’t (and another type of Protest/Party Tonight!)
>Occupy Museums! Speaking out in front of the Cannons
>An Open Call to Artists in Alliance with Occupy Wall Street and Beyond

>Quatrième jour de grève pour le Musée d’Orsay
>Orsay : une grève pour les impressionnistes
>Strike at Revamped Musée d’Orsay Blocks Grand Reopening NYT

>Artists’ royalty suit may hinge on constitutional issue LAT

>Coral Gables Museum Opening weekend

>Renovated Galleries for the Art of the Arab Lands, Turkey, Iran, Central Asia, and Later South Asia to Open November 1 at the Met + slideshow

>Neu Militärhistorische Museum der Bundeswehr in Dresden

>Maxwell Anderson Named Director of Dallas Museum

>Warhol foundation shuts its authentication board TAN
>Is That Warhol Fake? Even His Foundation Isn’t Sure WSJ

>Vídeo >Interview with Roman Ondák, Deutsche Bank’s Artist of the Year 2012 /

>Dublin Contemporary (Sep 6 – Oct 31)

>11e Biennale de Lyon (15 Sept-31 Dec) + Les artistes
+Une terrible beauté lunettesrouges
+Autres expositions lyonnaises autour de la Biennale lunettesrouges
+Recorrido por la Bienal: Fotos, informaciones

>KOBE Biennale 2011 (Oct 1-Nov 23)

>PHOTOQUAI, biennale de photographie (Paris, 13 septembre-11 novembre)
+Slideshow >Insolent tour du monde avec Photoquai
+Slideshow >Photoquai : le métissage sur les rives de la Seine

>FIAC. Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain (Oct 20-23)
+Galeries par pays

+Infographe >A Paris, la FIAC 2011 expose des œuvres d’art à ciel ouvert
>Impressions de la FIAC lunettesrouges
>La Fiac 2011 en dix œuvres chic ou choc
+Fiac steps up its game TAN
+Euro Flails but Art Fair Flourishes NYT
+Shopping Spree: How to Spend a Million Dollars at Paris’s FIAC Art Fair AI
+Lessons From An Art Fair As FIAC 2011 Opens In Paris
+FIAC 2011 – Notes from the fair

>Art Élysées 2011 (Oct 20-24)

>Affordable Art Fair (Oct 20-30)

>cutlog (Paris, oct 20-23)

>ESTAMPA (Madrid, 20-23 Oct)

>Chic Art Fair (Paris, 21-24 Oct)

>Bogotá International Art Fair (21- 24 Oct)

>Art Toronto (Oct 28-31) + Exhibitors

>Bloom Fair (Cologne, Oct 29-Nov 1) + Exhibitors

>Munich Highlights (21-30. Oct) + Exhibitors

>Paris Tableau, Salon international de la peinture ancienne (Nov. 4-8)


Camille Pissarro, 'Jeanne Pissarro, Called Cocotte, Reading', 1899. Oil on canvas / Collection of Ann and Gordon Getty

>Pissarro’s People at the Legion of Honor

Zuccheriera, pere e tazza blu, 1865-1866, olio su tela; 30 x 41 cm / Parigi, Musée d’Orsay (in deposito presso Musée Granet, Aix-en-Provence) © 2011. White Images/Scala, Firenze

>«Cézanne. Les atéliers du Midi«, nel Palazzo Reale + Multimedia

>Picasso nel Palazzo Blu, Pisa + immagini

>Miro, Monet, Matisse – The Nahmad Collection in the Kunsthaus Zürich + works

>Slideshow >Warhol in Washington NYT

>Glenn Ligon: AMERICA at LACMA

>The Mystery of the Body: Berlinde De Bruyckere in Dialogue with Lucas Cranach and Pier Paolo Pasonli at the Kunstmuseum Bern

>Hughen and Starkweather at Electric Works

>Amy Nelder at Chloe Fine Arts Gallery

>Shirazeh Houshiary at Lisson Gallery, London

>Zhang Huan: Q Confucius, at Rockbund Art Museum

>Chinese Art in an Age of Revolution: Fu Baoshi (1904–1965) at the Cleveland Museum of Art

>‘The Matter Within: New Contemporary Art of India at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

>The Turner Prize 2011 exhibition at the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

>Museum and Gallery Listings for Oct. 21-27 NYT


Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison, 'The Navigator', 2001 / Courtesy galerie Jack Shainman, New York © Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison

>Mondes inventés, Mondes habités, exposition collective au Mudam Luxembourg

>Audrey Cottin: Charlie & Sabrina, qui l’eût cru ? au Jeu de Paume

>Enrique Martinez Celaya, Schneebett (Snow-bed), at Miami Art Museum

>Maharaja: The Splendor of India’s Royal Courts at Asian Art Museum

>Randall Fleming, Chris Reding and Jesse Reding Fleming at Bolinas Museum

>Design With the Other 90 Percent: Cities,” at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum

>Richard Misrach at The Berkeley Art Museum + slideshow

>Timothy H. O’Sullivan at the Art Institute of Chicago

>Alex Guofeng Cao au Galerie Albert Benamou, Paris

>María Antolini – Toia Bonino – Sonia Neuburger en la Galería Pasaje 17

> Photomonth (East London, Oct–Nov) + Photogallery

>FOTOGRAFIA Festival Internazionale di Roma X Edizione (23 Sett-23 Ott)


>Video >Ed Hall Banner Man /
>On the March – An Exhibition of Banners by Ed Hall  at Manchester Weekender

>Recrafting History: history, nostalgia & craft in the American memory at Taylor de Cordoba

The Rag Chair by Tejo Remy, designed in 1991 for the Amsterdam firm called Droog, is an early example of reuse as high design. Available from

>Most Innovative Green Designs

>FID. Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Diseño (24 – 31 Oct)

>13th Design Boerse Duesseldorf (Nov 26-27)

>Le marché de l’art contemporain 2010-2011. Artprice annual report

>Bonhams sale of European Paintings, lots 1 to 199 (NY, 26 Oct 2011)